Every brand has a personality. Developing that personality can often be more difficult than it seems. A key first step is not only determining what your brand is, but more importantly what it isn’t. Brand archetype development is an easy and effective way to navigate through this fundamental exercise.

What is a brand archetype?

It’s a familiar character, personality or way of thinking that helps bring your brand to life and create a connection with consumers. There are 12 brand archetypes, each reflecting a different set of traits, ranging from the Outlaw (rebel, risk taker, disruptive) to the Magician (inspires change, transformative) to the Everyman (familiar, nostalgic, agreeable) and more. Of course, every brand is nuanced and unique so naturally there may be a blend of a few, but the more you drill down, the more it will be become clear which of the archetypes or personalities prevails for your brand.

What are the benefits of identifying a brand archetype?

From an internal perspective, the process of determining your brand archetype forces you to think beyond the basics and go deep into company and brand culture, values, the way you speak on behalf of the brand, who your customers are, what you excel at, public perception and more. It helps to distinguish your brand’s voice and identity amongst others. In addition, if you stay true to it, it forces consistency across messaging, look, tone and more. From an external perspective, personifying a brand with an archetype helps to build a relationship with consumers.

Think of it this way; A brand can be like a good friend. You know what to expect and what not to. You build familiarity and trust. You choose friends that reflect your ideals and values. In that same way, people build connections with brands. Consumers are attracted to brands that reflect their ideals and values, that deliver consistency and familiarity. Establishing your archetype helps to bridge that gap by assigning traits to your brand that take it beyond a name or a product and helps it feel personal and identifiable. It creates an emotional connection. There is no better advocate for a brand than a connected consumer.

So, dive in! Get to know your brand’s archetype. Your brand and its’ relationship with consumers will be better for it.