It is no secret that screen time has grown exponentially across almost all platforms in recent months and Xbox has experienced a 38% increase in console and game purchases. With 65M monthly active users, Xbox live is the most advanced multiplayer network powering the community and culture of gaming. We only expect this network to grow considering Xbox claims the Series X “will be the ultimate console for players who want the most immersive games from a device designed, built and optimized for gaming with zero compromises.”

The future of gaming has never been more inspiring to gamers. Creativity in games is flourishing. New services empower gamers to discover more games that bring you closer to the action.

Xbox is the future of gaming and with the ability to advertise efficiently, it is also the future of advertising in gaming. It allows your brand to intercept audiences with banner ads on a dashboard where users can click to your landing page, website, or custom experience full screen destination. This gives you the ability to target parents, cord-cutters, game genres and more.

Xbox can bring products to life with unique opportunities for engagement using mini-game experiences and 360 product viewers. From native placements on the Xbox Live environment to interactive landing experiences, it offers both traditional digital advertising as well as unique custom opportunities that you cannot find anywhere else.

Not only will Xbox be releasing the Series X this Holiday but it will also be packaged with Halo Infinite, and the combination of Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud.

The Halo franchise alone will bring an enormous crowd to the launch. Halo has had over 100 million users engage with the franchise and garnered over 9 billion hours played. Halo brought in 35 million new users to the Xbox One and it would not surprise us to see similar numbers reflected this holiday season with the Series X.

According to Xbox “These new offerings are all converging to create an entirely new future for gamers – a differentiated future that puts you and your friends – not a device – at the center of the Xbox experience.”

We look forward to the release of the Xbox and how it impacts our industry.