Social Media Tips: How to stand out amid the holiday clutter!
From Thanksgiving to Black Friday, the holiday season is huge for toys and games across North America. With e-commerce serving as an important sales channel in past, the pandemic has transformed it into the most vital one this year with social media becoming the natural battleground for brands to compete. 

It is projected that 34% of all holiday sales will take place on digital channels, nearly tripling the 12% growth registered the year before. Out of this, 10% to 15% will be driven via social media with hyper-relevant engagement garnering attention. So how would brands get in on this action? Now is the time to get creative with your holiday marketing ideas to cut through the social media noise to engage with your customers:

1.- Advertise smarter

There is no greater sin in advertising than spending those dollars without a thorough understanding of key aspects like target audience, perception, sentiment, top-performing vs under-performing posts and creative. Dig through data and analyze! Look at the organic performance of posts and empower those performing well with spend. Keep a budget for smart spends, which you can do on the fly vs planned campaigns. Toys and games are a heavily cluttered segment during this period, so the last thing you want is to get high CPA’s because your ad got lost amidst the crowd.

2.- Launch a new product

Your target audience is in the mood to shop. This is music to any marketer. Globally, audiences will be spending about $60 billion shopping over the holidays. There is no better way to get their dollars into your pockets than with a new product they would be willing to try. Toys and games are often known to be an impulse purchase, so market that new product to the masses and watch those cash registers ring (virtually of course!).

Influencer marketing is an effective way to break through all the clutter and get your brand (and products) noticed. Audiences are receptive to the recommendations made by influencers they follow. Identify influencers who you feel would represent the brand best. A ninja tip is to give more emphasis on engagement and quality of content vs the number of followers. 10% of engaged users of an influencer with 100K followers is better than 0.1% engagement from an account with 1 million followers. Much cheaper too!

4.- Keep your eyes open for trends

From a mysterious monolith to an upcoming movie, keep an eye out for what is making news. Your objective should always be to ride the wave before your competitors are surfing it too. The best way to do this is consistently follow the news and track chatter on social media, particularly on Twitter or LinkedIn. Cleverly plug your product in those trending moments and enjoy the glory of traction and appreciation. Ensure it is witty, on brand and it well thought out. Do not rush but also do not procrastinate. 

Holiday marketing campaigns need not be overly complicated to deliver great results.

From “dressing up” your brand for the holidays to making a commitment for a full-blown campaign, these 4 holiday marketing ideas can help any business get the most out of this busy season! Happy Holidays!