Creative Inspiration that Drives our Work

Our creative team at ChizComm gathers inspiration everyday.  These inspirations are what drive our passion and get us excited to apply our learnings and creative energy to bring our client’s brands to life.  Today we are going to profile some of the creative work that we have admired from afar!

Maggie’s Fave:  Rachel Mae Smith’s @thecraftedlife

The Crafted Life is an instagram account created by and for DIY project makers. Rachel Mae Smith beautifully features bright colours in contrast with plain whites and pastel backgrounds.  While this may seem like a lot of elements in a single account, the profile’s grid and highlight sections are cleverly assembled using a specific colour palette per image that is visually cohesive with the rest of posts, and eye catching as a whole. 

An aesthetic like this one would work nicely for brands with different products that are visually different from each other, but that would like to show collectability using resources such as collage photography and lifestyle set ups with props you can find at home.

Gabriela’s Fave:  Eat my Bricks  @Eat_My_Bricks

Eat My Bricks is a photo art project that uses Lego characters as their main subject. There is a lot of strong storytelling behind each piece. The page takes advantage of how small the Lego pieces are by pairing them with props from the same sets, as well as found objects. They even add digital elements to reinforce the action of the characters. As a result, the images are entertaining to look at, as well as encourage the audience to discover the different layers of references throughout. The page is visually stunning and the images showcase that level of understanding in both composition and color. 

They are not the official Lego page, so they are afforded a little wiggle room by not having to adhere to all the branding guidelines of Lego. The craftsmanship of each image is worth studying as inspiration to give innovative twists to photographs with toys as subjects.

Adeline’s Fave:  Iconic Coca-Cola @cocacola

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world with its famous Coca-Cola red and iconic contour bottle. When you look at Coca-Cola’s Instagram page, you are instantly drawn to the vibrant Coca-Cola red that is consistently used across each post. The Coca-Cola branding is so powerful that filling the feed with the images of the Coca-Cola bottle is not necessary. Instead, they rely more on illustrations and typography instead of product photography. When photographs and videos are needed, Coca-Cola ties them in the feed by adding borders or making them monochromatic.

Every month, Coca-Cola curates 9 posts that follow the same theme or overall look of the page. In 2019, Coca-Cola partnered up with Netflix to cross-promote Stranger Things and New Coke by curating the month with Stranger Things inspired posts. When jumping to a new theme, the posts seamlessly blend together by overlapping certain colours or shapes from the previous row of posts. Coca-Cola’s Instagram page is a great example of curating a feed for single product brands.

Cici’s Fave:  Toy Photographer @sgtbananas

Storytelling is the most important part of the toy photography process as we communicate with the audience and fans who seek to learn more about the toys. There are many great toy photographers out there who tell stories and make toys come alive through their lens. This page in particular is a great inspiration to dive in the world of toy photography as not only does it feature great storytelling but also shares the behind the scenes process. From setting the stage to lighting, everything is composed in such a meticulous way that the focus is still on the toy but sets up a mood and emotion through the rest of the elements in the scene.

Peter’s Fave:  Dollhouse miniatures @calicocritter  

They have accomplished something truly remarkable with the Calico Critters Instagram page. The products themselves include beautiful play sets, figurines, vehicles, and accessories that they do not shy away from utilizing in the shots. Each asset tells a story that connects. That connection is heightened to the audience because the subjects are relatable. The posts themselves have texture, mainly because one of the defining traits of the products is the texture in the materials. The page captures that.  You get a clear sense of what the products would feel like in your hands. They also do a superb job at blending together the changing of the seasons. Overall the page is exceptionally organized, curated well and has unity. They visually don’t miss a beat, and the imagery proves there is something for everyone.