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4 photograph tips to bring your toys to life

Adeline Salvador

4 photograph tips to bring your toys to life by Adeline Salvador on April 10th, 2019

When photographing toys for social media, you want to make them seem as if they’re alive and animated. You can achieve these with the following:



For dolls, hair is one of the most important things to style. The tidier the hair, the easier it is to photograph and edit. If the background needs to be removed, consider what environment you think your doll is going to be in. If your doll is cruising down the street, then make sure her hair looks like it’s blowing in the wind.


Props have the ability to support the subject and help bring your photos to life making them look more dynamic. If your toy is going to the beach, have your toy “build” a sandcastle and prop it with a bucket and shovel. Be creative!



It’s easy to just throw your toy on a table and photograph it as is, but what if you create a tiny environment to place them in? You can create a simple room with just everyday items. For instance, you can use construction paper for the wall and a wooden chopping board for the floor. Take advantage of outdoor settings too, if you want your toys in a snowball fight take them outside and create tiny little snowballs for them to “throw”.



When photographing your toys, model them as if they’re moving in space or interacting with an object or another character. This will make them look more lively and less static. If you’re not shooting a toy with moving parts, another great way to make them look more engaging is creating a stop motion. Even as simple making them move side to side will sure attract the viewer!


Now that you know these tips, you can start shooting your toys!