See it, Like it, Buy it: IG Shopping

It’s 2021, and you truly do have the world in the palm of your hand, and that includes shopping from (almost) all of your favorite retail stores on your phones, in your living rooms, or at your kitchen tables. Fashion and e-commerce are significantly influenced by social media, and that consumer behavior drove the launch of Instagram’s 2019 shopping feature.

An Instagram Shop is a brand’s customizable digital storefront, which allows customers to shop right from the brand’s Instagram profile. Instagram’s interface is aesthetically pleasing and visually stimulating, providing brands an opportunity to create and use authentic images for advertising. The aesthetic allure of the product in lifestyle settings draws in the consumer and drives engagement. Brands can craft their desired image and appeal with relative ease. An Instagram Shop shortens the journey between the advertising and the customer’s ultimate purchase, allowing companies to tap into “impulse buying” and increase the chance of a sale.

Over 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily with users more likely to actively shop and search through your catalogue natively on Instagram, than actively visiting a third-party site.

IG Shopping stats:

2/3 of the visitors don't follow the business profile

- Instagram Shoppable posts have increased traffic for brands by 1,416%

- 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month

Even with all the benefits of Instagram Shopping, is it right for all businesses?  E-commerce management can be a laborious task, and depending on the size of the business, it can be time consuming and prohibitive. Before taking the plunge, keep these considerations in mind:

Size of the catalogue

The power of Instagram Shopping really shines when you are dealing in volume. Shoppable posts can be maximized to tag many products at once, tagged posts can be organized into collections with similar posts, and shopping posts can show up in a user’s discovery feed with other like products. If your business only sells a few items, the wear and tear of catalogue maintenance may not be for you.

 Scale of retail shopping within the business

Instagram Shopping makes more sense for some businesses than others. If you’re selling handmade soaps and every post you make features a product, then a shopping feature makes sense. If your business is an entertainment property or public figure who sells merchandise on the side, then a fully-incorporated storefront may not be appropriate or worth the effort.

 Number and types of retail stores

Remember that you can only link one store to your Shopping Page, which means tagged posts can only lead to one single website. If your business sells products through your website, but also an Amazon page and a third party retailer, then you may not be in a position to take full advantage of what Instagram Shopping has to offer.

Establishing an Instagram shop is one of the many tools available for brands to sell on the platform. However, it alone is not a guaranteed ticket to success. At ChizComm, we specialize in curating a custom social and digital strategy for brands. We consider a wide range of tactics and analytics, including IG shopping. Send us a note - we'd love to discuss your business goals!