Some of our favorite works this year so far!

Some of our favorite works this year so far! 


The Noble Collection - Harry Potter World

One of the most exciting parts of product photography for me is staging and creating composition specifically for the product. With the right props and backdrop you will be able to create a setting without having to actually be in the actual environment, in this case a Victorian wall panel. This in fact is just a piece of wood that I photographed on three different spots and then stitched together in photoshop so that it looks like a paneled wall as seen below. The magic of photography: with the right combination of staging and editing you can bring your imagination to life!

Mostrando Cici-02.gif


Superhero Kindergarten - Super Power Videos

Superhero Kindergarten was one of last Stan Lee’s projects. I got the opportunity to collaborate with the Kartoon Channel social team to promote this new series, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Every week we present a character and their super powers. 

While editing these social posts I follow a simple formula. First I show the logo of the show, with music from the theme song. Then, Mr. A asks the group to tell their names and super powers. After, I edit a short clip of how the super power works as they show to their classmates.

And finally I close with the super suit of the character and the music from the intro. I play around with timing, since the format only allows me 30 seconds, so I need to introduce these characters and intrigue the audience to want to know more about Mr. A’s students.

You can check out the rest of the super power videos posted weekly here:


Super Impulse - Amazon Page Refresh

Super Impulse is the creator of World’s Smallest, World’s Coolest and Tiny Arcade. Super Impulse is known for its miniature versions of iconic retro toys like Pac-Man, Hot Wheels, Barbie, and more. 

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working with the Super Impulse team to refresh their Amazon Page. The team wanted to use bold colours and lifestyle images that reflect the playfulness and size of the miniature toys. 

Here are some of the stages of building the Super Impulse Amazon Page:

Stage 1: Wireframe

Stage 2: Drafts and alterations 

Stage 3: Final version

Check out the updated Super Impulse Amazon store here!


Jabuka Games - Romantic Date Night Social Asset

The nicer weather is finally here which means it’s a great time to do some outdoor shots for our clients! For this example, I am going to be focusing on a stop motion video I made for one of our new clients Jabuka Games. Jabuka is a fast-paced word game where you make words by bending the rules, twisting letters, transforming words, and stealing them! It’s a great game to play outside too so it felt fitting to have a composition that reflected that.

The theme here was romance. I wanted to create a nice outdoor date night scene.


Mostrando JG_060821.gif

For this setup, I brought out a rustic looking table, made a couple coffees to keep with the theme of the brand, and prepped a plate of Italian biscuits. You’ll notice a yellow vase in the shot, that was purposely included. This is because one of the main colors of the Jabuka brand is yellow. I like to include little details like that in my shots whenever I can. 

The red flowers were a nice touch in my opinion, they elevated the asset both in composition, and in color. I am really happy with how this one turned out.