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5 Video Making Apps to Take Your Social Media Game to the Next Level

Let’s admit it, social media can be a huge pain to keep up with! The pressure to post regularly on multiple platforms can be a daunting task for most businesses. While we all know that continuous activity on social media can help elevate a brand in the eyes of its consumers, finding the means and the time to create content that is both memorable and eye-catching can be slim at best.

Fortunately, with the rapid expansion of technology came a wave of new apps and tools that can help you turn your social posts into works of art with minimal effort.

Strap in and hit the app download button! We’re about to jumpstart your online brand presence!



This is by far one of the most popular photo editing apps on the market. With both a mobile and desktop expansion, the app comes pre-loaded with editing tools and filters that will rival some of the best blogger photos out there. In fact, a lot of them use this app to create their online personas.



Another great tool if you’re looking to edit your photos in a similar fashion as you would in a professional desktop program such as Lightroom or Photoshop. While there are filters preloaded into the app, the true magic of the tool is the ability to edit curves, dodge and burn, heal and a handful of others that mimic real-life photo-editing.



A paid, subscription-based app. StoryArt is exactly what it sounds like– art for your Instagram stories. The app has options for a large variety of designs geared towards different profile styles and even includes animation. While you can’t upload video into the templates, there is quite a bit you can do with photos alone!



A video graphics app that lets you bring your photos to life. The app lets you create motion where there is none with just a few taps of your fingers. You can also overlay pre-existing motion graphics like snowfalls, rain, butterflies and many more.



Ever look at people’s photos and wonder how they got the twinkle lights so perfectly positioned in every photo? They likely used this app to get the effect. Kirakira+ is a fun add to your app library and lets you create videos and still images with a variety of perfectly placed sparkles throughout. Great for those holiday photos of your trees!


If you’re looking to try editing your photos and videos on the go, I recommend giving some of these a try. You’d be surprised with the results you get and the time you end up saving!