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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: A Guide to Working in a Team


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: A Guide to Working in a Team by Julian Cernetti & Averie Hunt on November 1st, 2019

Picture this: you’ve been assigned an ongoing project and are ready to face it head-on! Nothing can stop your determination! Except, of course, working with someone who is brand new on the project – que music – DUN DUN DUNNNN! Whether you have been in your current position for years or working with someone who you’ve never worked with before, it is best that you try to meet eye to eye and come to an understanding.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of how to work in a team:

1. Clarify roles and responsibilities…


When working in a team, each person should take on a responsibility that they are knowledgeable on and have experience with. For example, if one person has creative skills, they should not take on a role that may be too analytical.


When working in a team, you may have to take on tasks that you don’t want to do. However, you should NOT assign all of the dirty work to one member of the team, such as:

“Sharpen this pencil!”

“Can you get that from the printer?”

“Can you make sure that there are two creams in my coffee this time?”


2. Setting clear goals…


When you don’t set clear goals, it may feel that you and your team are on a wild goose chase. A helpful tip is to make sure you create a checklist or even a timeline of events and their due dates to keep you on track at all times.


Set unrealistic goals. Your team should always challenge themselves, but avoid unrealistic goals, such as:

“Let’s pull an all-nighter to get this done!”

“Let’s plan it over drinks.” à This is a sure way to get nothing done.

“Let’s just wing it.”


3. Build trust and get to know each other better…


In this situation, drinking is encouraged. Join extra curricular activities, or make plans outside of work together, such as:

Join a theatre group

Take lunch breaks together

Learn to ride a tandem bicycle


Take all the credit for the group’s ideas.

Partake in a trust-fall – especially after a big lunch.

And most importantly, avoid gossiping or politics.

So, as long as you follow these do’s and don’t’s, you should be A-Okay. Okay?