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Ads that Show Canadian Pride, Eh?

Hailey Sugar

Ads that Show Canadian Pride, Eh? by Hailey Sugar on July 3rd, 2019

This weekend, us Northerners showed off our Canadian pride to celebrate Canada’s 152nd birthday! After the Raptor’s big win, Canadian spirit is at an all-time high, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this country!

Here are some of the best ad campaigns that showcase Canada as a nation to keep your spirits up after the long weekend!



  1. Tim Hortons “Born on Canada Day”

Tim Hortons is a Canadian staple, so it is no surprise that they made the list with a heartfelt commercial that touches on those that make this country great, and those who one day will. The stories in this commercial are relatable and spark a sense of pride. In true Canadian fashion, this ad shows many families welcoming in a new generation with a Canadian classic!



  1. Via Rail’s “All Aboard!”

This campaign highlights all of the beautiful sites Canada has to offer in honour of Canada’s 150th. Via Rail shows how they connect Canada from coast to coast to remind us of the many reasons to explore this beautiful country. All aboard!



  1. “K’ehFC”

In honour of Canada Day, KFC rebranded as K’ehFC with a humorous ad that reminds us of the little things that make Canada stand out. Poutine, hockey, bagged milk, and the metric system are just a few reasons they give us to celebrate.



  1. Molson Canadian “I am Canadian”

An oldie but a goodie! This Molson Canadian beer commercial from 2000 is a classic that was released just in time for the NHL playoffs. This ad has left us chanting, “I am Canadian,” 19 years later. Joe’s passionate rant about his love for Canada and what makes him Canadian is instantly relatable and makes us all proud.



  1. Air Canada “Go Far”

The Olympics bring our country together; which Air Canada shows in its 2010 advertisement. Part of a larger campaign, this TV commercial encourages Canadians to “go far” to reach their goals and live their dreams, similar to the Olympic athletes. At the end of the day, the campaign shows that no matter where we are, we will always have our Canadian pride to connect us back to our home and that we can bring our Canadian identity wherever we go!



Don’t let your Canadian pride stop after Canada Day.

Keep Calm and Maple On!