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Advertising on YouTube? Here’s What You Need to Know

Nathan Kornet

Advertising on YouTube? Here’s What You Need to Know by Nathan Kornet on March 10th, 2020

We all know that YouTube is a streaming giant and the platform of choice for consuming most online video. With 2 billion monthly unique users on the platform, marketers are looking for the most effective way to reach their target audience who are spending hours consuming content. In this blog, we will discuss the different options for YouTube advertising, their effectiveness and the best situations for using each type of ad.


These are the (sometimes annoying) ads that appear before or during your chosen video. Like other advertising options within Google Ads, advertisers only pay for these ads when a user watches at least 30 seconds of it. This is especially important for driving awareness as, depending on your targeting, you can run a campaign that serves a large number of impressions without having to pay for them. Since the viewer is waiting to continue watching their selected video, advertisers can be assured that the user is engaged and actively watching the ad. These ads are a great way to target your audience and show them longer form video ads like a TV commercial.

Discovery Ads

Discover ads are meant to promote your video content within YouTube’s search and recommended videos functions. For those familiar with Google ads, they work very similarly to Display and Search ads. The intent is that the ad will appear to be an organic listing but in reality, it is a highly targeted paid ad. For most effective use, these should be used to drive an extra layer of awareness in addition to your pre-roll or in-stream ads.


Bumpers are the shortest type of video ad available on YouTube. These six second spots are meant to give the viewer a quick look at your brand before their chosen video begins. Although some brands prefer to stick with longer form video ads, bumper ads are highly effective if your main goal is to drive awareness and ensure viewability. Especially for some established brands, all it may take is six seconds in order for the viewer to identify your brand and understand the message that they are being shown. Mixing these ads in with longer form pre-roll or in-stream ads can also be a very effective strategy as they will serve as a quick reminder to the audience of the longer version of the ad that they have already seen.

Other Ad Types

YouTube has several other ad options that can compliment the other ad types mentioned above. Both of these ad formats are great for boosting your brands awareness with users on the YouTube platform and are a great way to reinforce the messaging presented with your video ads.

  • Standard Display appear just above the recommended videos, to the right of the YouTube video player. These are also referred to as companion banners.
  • In-Video Overlay are the banner ads that appear on the bottom of the YouTube video player while your video is playing.

YouTube advertising is an extremely effective way to maximize your brands reach and drive awareness towards your brand. Being the largest video streaming platform in the world, for marketers this being on this platform has become essential. Although there are a few key factors that come into play such as the new changes YouTube has made to kids targeting (Link: https://chizcomm.com/changes-to-targeting-kids-on-youtube-what-does-it-actually-mean/), for the most part it is a safe and effective way to reach your target audience. Accompanied with other tactics, YouTube ads can be highly effective in helping your brand reach its goals.

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