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All Minds On Deck

Stephanie Costabile

All Minds On Deck by Stephanie Costabile on February 4th, 2019

Before putting pen to paper (does anyone else use pens anymore?), my instinct is to huddle as a group and talk through strategy and ideas.

Look around the room. When was the last time you sat down with your neighbors to bounce ideas off of one another? There are many benefits to holding brainstorm sessions and this should be the first thing on anyone’s list when project planning.

In a setting that focuses on client services, the team is often GO GO GO, and sometimes, taking half an hour of your day to brainstorm can set everyone up for the best success.

Some of the best ideas come from brainstorms

Two heads are better than one. Having a mix of people in one room will pull different experiences, multiple perspectives, and new thoughts. Not only will you have a laundry list of new ideas, but you now have enough ideas to keep some for later!! You are now prepared to plan an entire campaign or strategy, and you can even look ahead with some of those secondary plans.

Sometimes you have to take a step back

If you are too close to a certain brand or project, getting others involved will really help paint a picture from an outside viewpoint. Hosting a brainstorm will not only bring in fresh thoughts, but allow you to see the bigger picture that you had to take a step back from in order to really gain perspective.

Bounce Bounce Bounce

The biggest benefit of a brainstorm session is being able to bounce ideas off of the others in the room. A lot of initial ideas are incomplete or just short of being perfect and final, but that’s ok! When there is someone to finish your sentence or take your creative thought to the next level, it will bring strategies full circle!

The next time you are assigned a new product launch, brand strategy, or blog post, host a team brainstorm! Get the creative juices flowing in a collaborative and open environment – a team that brainstorms together, wins together!