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“Oh man, I’ve been listening to this great podcast…”, “Hey, did you hear GaryVee’s new podcast yet?”, “OMG The Skinny Confident just dropped a new podcast with a preview on IGTV!” If you’ve had your ears on the street this past year, you’ve probably...

Adeline Salvador

Will Streaming Services Make Cable Obsolete? by Adeline Salvador on December 6th, 2019

With the rise of streaming services, is cable becoming more obsolete?  More and more consumers are switching over to streaming services for the following reasons: you can watch it anytime and anywhere, you have a wide variety of content to choose from, as well as the ability to...

Cicilia Thamrin

Upping your YouTube Thumbnail game! by Cicilia Thamrin on December 4th, 2019

  When creating videos for YouTube, you might overlook the importance of the thumbnail that represents your video.You're probably thinking that as long as the content is "amazing", then that’s all that matters. Well, think again! Having an eye-catching thumbnail for...


Once upon a time there was the popular app Vine… Today, Generation Z are completely captivated by the app that is TikTok. Formerly known as, the app was created by Beijing-based company ByteDance in 2018, but has since gained momentum as one of the most popular...

Averie Hunt

A Whole New World: Disney+ Takes Over the Streaming Space by Averie Hunt on November 25th, 2019

The moment we all had been waiting for finally arrived last week – Disney launch its all-new streaming platform, Disney+. Within 24 hours, Disney had surpassed their year-end goal of reaching 8M subscribers, gathering over 10M new subscribers. How did the platform become so...


Even before Halloween passes, Christmas takes over the aisles of every store and the minds of every consumer. The malls start setting up for Santa Clause, the stores are putting Christmas lights, holiday wrapping paper and bows in their displays, and the scents of gingerbread,...