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Celebrating a 2 Year Milestone!

Kristi Beaulieu

Celebrating a 2 Year Milestone! by Kristi Beaulieu on February 11th, 2019

Last week marked my two-year ChizComm anniversary, and boy what a ride it has been! From being a recent graduate to managing client accounts, the last two years have definitely taught me a thing or two. I took a trip down memory lane and highlighted some of the things I’ve learned, experienced and realized over the last two years!

Be Open to Learning!

Life at ChizComm has taught me the importance of being versatile, on-the-ball and open to all new opportunities. You never know you can’t do it unless you try, right? Be ready for anything with your thinking cap on and you’ll be surprised how much you can tackle. I have gained experience in areas I never thought possible by learning to try everything at least once!

Time Management

Do you have “excellent time management” on your resume? Well trust me, you don’t know what time management truly means until you are juggling 3-6 clients with 5+ brands each, performing at high frequency and exceeding all of the expectations at once! Yikes! The ability to wear multiple hats and gain experience in different areas of the industry has taught me what time management really entails. Lists, calendars and agendas will forever be my best friend.

Work Hard, Play Hard!

My first time to New York City was also my first ever business trip with ChizComm. I saw Times Square from the back of an Uber and even got to walk through a small corner of Central Park. Next up, Los Angeles where we hung out with the coolest YouTube kids at VidCon and saw the sandy beach pier in Newport Beach. Although your feet will hurt from the long trade show days, you’ll get to visit places you’ve had on your bucket list and meet all kinds of new people.

There’s no “I” in Team

One of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned at ChizComm? The importance of being a TEAM! Relying on one another to bounce ideas off of, make edits or really just be there for moral support has been the biggest factor into my success at ChizComm. Brainstorm sessions for other clients? Needing contact information for media? Count me in! I’ve always been willing to help others and they’ll definitely help you!

Cheers to 2 more years of learning and experiencing even more of what ChizComm has to offer!