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ChizComm Reaches Google Premier Partner Status

David Peddigrew

ChizComm Reaches Google Premier Partner Status by David Peddigrew on September 11th, 2018

In just a few short years, ChizComm’s involvement in the paid digital media space has grown tremendously. As a full-service agency we always aim to service the needs of our clients, and all evidence has pointed towards digital marketing to only increase in the future. This is why we are extremely proud to announce that ChizComm has now been granted Google Premier Partner status! With only 3% of active agencies eligible for this initiative, this milestone marks an important point in the history of ChizComm. In order to attain the Google Premier Partner qualification, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Certification: 2 Affiliated Individuals certified in AdWords
  2. Spend: Meet an elevated spend threshold to show that your company has a healthy amount of activity
  3. Company Performance: Meet the performance requirement by delivering solid overall ad revenue and growth, and maintaining and growing your customer base

With the rise of Google’s prominence in the digital space, they have undoubtedly become the authority on paid digital advertising. Google Ad’s platform is responsible for the majority of paid digital advertising, and has been massively overhauled during the last decade. Not only does Google Ad’s have the functionality of Search Engine Management (SEM), but the availability to promote across the Google Display Network (GDN). This includes Google sites like YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, Maps, and Shopping, plus thousands of partnering websites across the internet. As businesses gravitate more and more to dedicating resources to digital promotion, Google has firmly established the role of a support entity to all marketing agencies that interact with their platform. This lead to an exciting initiative called the Google Partner Badge, offered exclusively to agencies that qualify for Google Partner status. Within Google Partners, there is a further distinction made between a Google Partner and the elevated status of a Google Premier Partner. The difference made between the two levels is based around the same principles of Certification, Spend and Company Performance.

Some of the key benefits of the Google Partners Program are:

  • Education (Executive Business / Product / Sales Trainings, Community Membership)
  • Support (Dedicated Account Management, First-in-line Customer Support)
  • Growth (Partner badge, Business Strategy Consulting, Client Event Support)
  • Rewards (Promotional Offers, Agency Competitions, Annual Partners Summit)

This accomplishment certainly marks an exciting time for the ChizComm team, as we are looking forward to working closer with the Google Partners program to utilize the wealth of tools available to clients and agencies alike.