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Ergonomics tips for you and your office!

Peter Francella

Ergonomics tips for you and your office! by Peter Francella on August 1st, 2018

Working long hours is tough, and when most of those hours are spent hunkered over a desk, it will eventually take its toll. Let’s see how we can reduce the strain on your body.


You probably guessed it, the first thing on the list is proper posture. We all say it but do we all do it? When sitting at a desk, start getting into the habit of sitting with your back straight at a ninety-degree angle. Your computer screen should be eye level. If it isn’t, raise your screen or laptop by putting a few books underneath or getting a stand. Your feet should remain flat on the floor, shoulders back and relaxed. Also, consider an adjustable chair. The chair should be set up in a way that has you always leaning back in a relaxed straight position.


Try keeping things you need like office essentials at arms reach. You shouldn’t have to strain or reach too far for anything like a pen or phone. This will affect overall productivity and keep your body in a relaxed and stress-free position.


Feeling like a good stretch? Why not stand?  A change of posture at work can benefit you greatly. It’s a nice break from being seated and gives you a chance to give your legs something to do. However try not to lean too much to one side, much like a seating position you should still remain straight. An adjustable desk that allows for both standing and sitting can be a game changer in the workplace. But if it’s not in the budget you can DIY it using various office materials.

Get into these habits now, and set yourself up for a future of comfort!