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How I became an influencer for my brands

Kellie Ehmke

How I became an influencer for my brands by Kellie Ehmke on September 9th, 2019

“Can you solve a Rubik’s cube?” That is the first question I get asked when I tell people I work on the Rubik’s brand. My answer? “Yes, just check my CEO’s Instagram,” (where there’s a picture of me after I finally solved the 2×2 cube). I couldn’t solve a Rubik’s cube before I started working here, and quite honestly even after spending an hour watching how-to videos for the 2×2 cube, I was still nervous when asked if I could solve a Rubik’s cube at Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite event this year. I did, however, feel very confident in my knowledge of the product heading into the event and was able to engage influencers and media with all the new and exciting things Rubik’s had to offer.

I may not be chasing my Wow! Stuff Golden Snitch around the office on my lunch break, and I can’t hide from my co-workers with my Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak when I have a deadline to meet, but I can do my best to become an in-house influencer for the brands I work with by using the products.

If you work in the Toronto office, chances are you’ve seen me with my Tamagotchi in-hand making sure my twin boys are living a Tama-filled life with their Tama-friends and enjoying their Tama-food. The beauty in working at ChizComm is that I’ve been able to truly understand and connect with the brands through trial. While my Tamagotchi is thriving, I’ve also been able to master the art of invisibility, protect my charging cables from breaking with Rick and Morty, and go camping with Peppa Pig. Although my posts don’t require me to put #ad in my captions and I can’t charge Kylie Jenner prices for the photos I post; the brands I work with are confident in my abilities to pitch products and communicate with influencers, media and consumers on their behalf.

Want to be an in-house influencer for your brands? Here are three things you need to know:

  1. Be an expert. Learn everything there is to know about the brands you’re working on.
  2. Become a consumer. Use the products/services regularly in order to completely understand how they work.
  3. Share your experiences. You’re not an influencer unless you’re sharing your passions with your audience, so take pictures and share those experiences online.