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Daniela Cabrera

HOW TO BE ORGANIZED AND NOT FAIL IN THE ATTEMPT by Daniela Cabrera on July 25th, 2018

Sometimes seems impossible to be organized, especially at your day job. The email inbox is always overflowing and all you think about is what you are going to do once you are home or what fun plan will come up for the weekend.

Being an organized kid at school might have helped you in those easy days, but having a full-time job in a fast-paced office can be ten times more overwhelming for some.

You have to deal with last-minute requests or not so good days once in a while. But if you feel completely passionate about what you are doing, then all of that will feel like small bumps that you can easily walk over.

To help relieve the stress of the routine and the everyday work, it really makes sense to try to keep yourself organized with your workflow.

Here are successful five ways for keeping everything in place:

1.Have a Planner or Agenda

Some prefer digital calendars, others are more of a pen-and-paper people. Using both styles can be very beneficial for you since you could get notifications on your phone about a meeting you need to attend while writing important days or conference dates in your desk calendar.

2. Write a To-Do list for the Day

Writing a list helps you to stay focused and to prioritize the things you need to do throughout the day, so you know what you should work on first and what can wait a little bit longer, which also helps in scheduling your day by tasks.

When working in an office, people can come to you with extra tasks and some of them are needed before end-of-day. Writing everything as it comes, will help you remember the things that you need to do and nothing will fall in between.

3. Try not to Multitask

This might sound counterproductive, but it’s actually the correct way to work. If you are solely only focusing on one task at hand, you will actually complete it much faster than working on multiple projects.

Try to plan out your work day so you don’t have to complete two assignments at once. You will feel less stressed out and more confident in the work you are trying to produce.

4. Make sure to take breaks

Don’t feel that taking a break is wasting the time of your day. Taking at least 30 minutes to clear your mind, sit down outside, go for a walk, have lunch or chat with your closest coworker can be stress-relieving and will help to keep you sane during busy times.

You will come back more relaxed and ready to take on more tasks!

5. Make sure your desk is clean 

No one likes clutter or dirt hanging around. Having a clean and organized desk will help you a lot when dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities. Not only it will look pretty and appealing to your team and managers, but it will help you have a clear vision of where everything is, giving you some peace of mind as well. Remember, “your performance coincides with your workspace”.

Keep these tips on hand to make your work life easier. Sooner than you realized, you will be having all your tasks completed and out the door right on time!