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How to effectively use emojis in marketing

Averie Hunt

How to effectively use emojis in marketing by Averie Hunt on June 5th, 2019

Emojis have become a main component of daily human interaction and are being used more frequently in marketing activities, but does that mean every brand should start implementing them? The answer is yes and no. Studies have shown that emoji-integration can be an effective marketing tool which can, “attract attention in a saturated digital space, increase user engagement, and establish your business as an authentic industry leader.” Below are some do’s and don’ts of how to effectively use emojis in marketing.



  • Know your audience – are you targeting teens and millennials or baby boomers and seniors? Who your demographic is will determine which group will be more receptive to your use of emojis.

  • Keep emojis in context – emojis are intended to enhance a word, sentence and user experience, so use them at your discretion and don’t over do it! If you feel that you’d be unable to communicate clearly with an emoji, use a clear sentence instead.
  • Create an interactive experience – inject some personality into your responses by appropriately using emojis when responding and engaging with fans and customers! This will increase engagement rates and create a brand identity that is approachable and authentic.



  • Misinterpret the meaning behind an emoji – there a many meanings behind a single emoji, so make sure you use them in the right context before posting it on your social pages. A great resource is Emojipedia, which serves as an emoji dictionary and a news source for the latest developments in the emoji world.

  • Don’t overuse emojis – overusing emojis may not only overwhelm your community, but it also may come off as a weak replacement for copy.
  • Follow the crowd – just because your competitors are using emojis, doesn’t mean you have to. Make sure they are an organizational fit and still align with your company values and image.