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How to Impress with Press Kits!

Hailey Sugar

How to Impress with Press Kits! by Hailey Sugar on August 30th, 2019

A box with your name on it is delivered to your door – how exciting! You’re eager to find out what’s inside, but you don’t just tear open the box. There’s a lot of thought behind the unboxing process.

Unboxing is growing in popularity and brands are hopping onboard to give YouTubers and content creators the ultimate unboxing experience. Viewers love to watch their favorite influencers unbox new products. They feel like they are along for the journey and can experience the product vicariously through the screen. This is the perfect opportunity for brands to present their product to their audiences through influencers in an exciting and appealing way.

Here are some tips to think about when sending press kits to influencers to unbox on their channel:

Choose the right influencers

Reaching your audience is the most important, and the right influencers are the key to hitting your target.

When choosing influencers to work with, it is important to consider who they are, where they are posting, and how they will be showcasing the product. To make sure the partnership is beneficial on both sides, you should make sure the influencer has a loyal following of fans that are in your target audience.

Think like an influencer

Influencers want to create compelling content. That’s why when designing a press kit, it is important to consider how the package will be unboxed on camera.

Think from box to product. How can a YouTuber get the most content out of one package? Have your package tell a story where the theme is the brand and the product is the star. While stunning packaging is a plus, it is important that the product shines through.

Make it informative

Be sure to include all necessary brand information and talking points, whether through an insert, product sheet, digital files on a USB, or sent separately via email. Unboxing videos are a great marketing opportunity to get your product in front of an audience, so make sure the influencer has all the important information on hand!

Packaging is key!

A good unboxing video will let the viewers enjoy the entire unboxing experience from opening the package to using the product inside. Everything must be camera ready from the moment it arrives at their door! Tip: use a sturdy shipping box to protect the press kit so that it arrives in one piece.

Since unboxing is an experience, make it a pleasant one for the influencers. Make sure the box is easy to open; you don’t want the unboxing to be a struggle on camera!  Add some fun elements like colored tissue paper (that compliments the branding of course!) and different layers of unboxing surprises to make the experience exciting for the unboxer and viewers.

Go above and beyond

Make each press kit personal to the specific influencer- they always appreciate that little extra touch that makes them feel special. It’s always a good idea to include additional props that can help elevate the product, especially if it will enhance a YouTube video.

Next time you put together a press kit for an influencer, keep these tips in mind and get ready to see the influencers you send product to unbox happiness!