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How to prep for a work trip without bringing the XL luggage

Stephanie Costabile

How to prep for a work trip without bringing the XL luggage by Stephanie Costabile on July 30th, 2018

Traveling for work is an exciting privilege. We work in an industry where we support our clients by any means, and that often includes events all over the world! ‘Tis the season of trade shows and consumer events when the ChizComm office is quiet, and team members are hitting the road!

There is always a ton of prep involved before any travel, and the one thing that often gets overlooked until the very last minute is the dreaded P word – packing.

Packing for a trip should not cause stress. There are ways to pack efficiently and not bring everything you own, plus the kitchen sink.

I have mastered the art of a compact duffle, and often hear comments such as “But where is your luggage?” – I am here to offer support.

First thing’s first – make a list of essentials

Walk through a typical day. What do you do as soon as you wake up? Brush your teeth? Then you will need a toothbrush and toothpaste. What’s next? Washing your face? Pack the face wash, toner, cotton pads and moisturizer. This will help organize all of your must-haves for a daily routine so you don’t forget anything important like your contact lenses or a hairbrush.

Next tip: You actually don’t need 45 outfit options

Write down the schedule of your trip. Meetings, dinners, etc. Then pick the exact outfit you will wear for each day and event. You do not need 6 options per day. Plan ahead to avoid having to choose the day-of. If everything is already decided ahead of time, you will save room in your luggage, plus there is no contemplation while getting ready each morning of the trip. Your outfit is already planned so you can sleep for an extra 10 minutes!

Really pack it in

There are YouTube videos for this. Roll your clothes, put things in your shoes, use Ziplock bags. There are ways to maximize your travel bag space so you don’t have to roll around the largest luggage on a 2-day overnight trip.

Shocking statement ahead: Stores exist all over the world

If you happen to forget your chapstick or pack the wrong socks, believe it or not – you could probably find that forgotten item at a local store wherever you are. The hotel might even be able to help with small toiletries. As long as you don’t forget your passport, you can probably replace anything you need so don’t panic!

Hopefully, these simple tips will help your next packing adventure be a successful one! Happy traveling.



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