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If colours speak all languages, what do they say about your brand?

We are surrounded by colours in our everyday life. A sunny bright morning in contrast to a gloomy rainy one can influence our mood and emotions for the rest of the day. Now, if we consider the influence of what we see from a marketing point of view, the colours that represent your brand play an essential part of what a company is expressing to the world.

A first impression is very important and specific colours are representations of emotions and personalities. Research on Colour Psychology helps us get a better understanding on how colours stimulate certain areas of the brain and appeal to a person’s behaviour. A brand that properly makes use of certain colours can persuade a potential buyer and appeal to their purchasing decisions.


Let’s take a quick look at how this works:

If colours can express so many emotions, imagine the possibilities that different combinations can bring for your brand! Give it a little thought:  is your brand’s visual identity is right on point?  Or maybe is it time for a change?

Make sure you are clear on what you wish to transmit and remember: colour is an intense experience on its own.