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Keeping Up With The Trends (in social media)

Carla Silvestrone

Keeping Up With The Trends (in social media) by Carla Silvestrone on May 31st, 2019

Social media changes rapidly. In just the blink of an eye, you could miss an entirely new feature on Instagram or Facebook that nobody knows how to use. Platforms are changing every single day and it could be hard to keep up if you’re not paying close enough attention. As a brand, it is so important to stay up-to-date with social media trends. When you have clients relying on your expertise to promote their product, you cannot simply just hashtag and post anymore. There is much more to it. Below are the Top Trends in Social Media for 2019 so far so you can #StayTrendy!

Real Content Trumps All
Real and raw content. This is what the people want to see. They want to see authenticity. They want to see that the accounts they are following are real people, posting real things. Humanizing your brand is so important in building relationships with your consumers. Livestream and vertical video are the trends since the launch of Instagram TV (“IGTV”). With IGTV, you can watch full videos on any channels you want to see. You can even post livestream videos on any social platform including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

The Evolution of the Snapchat Filter
Remember the first time the dog filter came out on Snapchat and the entire world stopped? Or what about when the gaming app Pokemon Go came out and people were running around chasing Pokémon’s throughout the city? That is augmented reality, and let me tell you, it will stay for a long time. On Facebook and Instagram, you can now use face-changing filters as you would while using Snapchat. You can even post Livestream videos using the augmented reality filters and fun borders. People really enjoy interacting with accounts during Livestreams especially when they add filters to it and have fun with personalized borders!

Operation: Communicate!
As we know, everyone always has their nose in their phone. People want to feel more comfortable approaching companies when asking questions, and instead of putting the phone to your ear and dialing to contact someone voice-to-voice, it is much easier to email them… but people don’t even want to do that anymore! There has been a shift from public to private in terms of messaging and communicating with a brand. Facebook offers the option to personally message the company you are wishing to contact. If the account is a business account, you are able to message that business and directly speak to them. More now than ever, you can go on almost any website and find an instant messaging option with someone (or a chat robot) on the other side answering you back instantly. It is a very convenient and easy way to connect with a brand.

Next stop, Shop!
As if online shopping wasn’t already a breeze, it is now so much easier to shop online! For example, you can shop easily from the comfort of your Instagram page just by clicking on the item in the photo that you like. The adoption of social commerce has impacted social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram significantly.

Putting the Social in Social Media
One of the great things about building a brand is creating a community. Generating content that feeds people’s timelines with interesting and engaging posts is promotion for the brand in itself. Adding the community aspect builds trust between the brand and the consumer. People don’t want to only see advertisements. They want to see that the brand they love is working towards creating a relationship with them. People want to feel some sort of relationship in order to feel comfortable enough to follow that company on social media and participate in their space. It is time to put the social back in social media!

I hope these tips help you to #StayTrendy in 2019! But stay alert otherwise you might blink and miss a whole new trend!