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Maintaining Your Brand Voice

Martina Mitchell

Maintaining Your Brand Voice by Martina Mitchell on November 4th, 2019

In today’s hyper-aware world, having a consistent and authentic message has never been more vital. Consumers are much more savvy with what identity means and place a larger importance on how the brands they use effect their own persona. When choosing a brand, service, or product to buy, they want to first understand if it’s worth believing in. It’s a marketer’s responsibility to break through the clutter and guide consumers in this choice. Maintaining a purposeful and cohesive brand identity can help get you there. As a digital marketer, here are a few things to ensure your as authentic as possible:

Practice what you Preach

People want to trust that the brands/ products they purchase are really delivering on what they’re selling, and they’re not afraid to do their due diligence to ensure that. As a marketer, you should pride yourself in your messaging and be willing to back up everything you communicate with results, statistics, or rationale. 

If your product is advertised as being safe for kids, you’ll need the case studies and seals to prove it. If on the commercial, your product changes colour, best believe the consumer wants to see the exact same same change. 

Know your Niche 

Resonating with the right target audience will ensure all your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Each genre, category, sub category and so on has specific expectations and languages that they use. Understanding those norms and properly using them to connect with your audience will demonstrate that you’re one of them; you can feel what they feel; you know what they need. 

Design Thoughtfully 

The way your message looks can be as detrimental as what it says. When there are only seven seconds to make a first impression in person. This time is significantly shorter in digital platforms such as Instagram when the name of the game is to scroll, scroll, scroll, tap, tap, tap. Appealing aesthetics that quickly communicate the feelings you most want to convey will draw audiences to your brand.