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Making an Ad Come to Life Using a bit of 3D Modelling

Peter Francella

Making an Ad Come to Life Using a bit of 3D Modelling by Peter Francella on May 8th, 2019

As a creative associate here at Chizcomm, I get to work with some really fun and cool brands! When creating images for ad campaigns, sometimes I like add a bit of 3D modelling to my designs.

Today’s blog will give all designers a quick little tutorial on how to create simple 3D models using Maya, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Here is an overview of the steps before we begin:

  1. Create the Batman Logo in Illustrator
  2. Import the Illustrator file into Maya
  3. Export the shape to .obj file
  4. Import the Batman .obj file into a PSD
  5. Create something!

Let’s begin by getting you setup with Maya. Create a free account on Autodesk Maya,  and then download the appropriate Maya Installer for your operating system. Once you have the program installed open up the program.


Let’s open up Adobe Illustrator and create a flat object. For this example I created the batman symbol. Now you must save the Illustrator file as an Illustrator 8 file because that’s what’s compatible with Maya.

Now in Maya, import your Illustrator file and make the object as thick as you want by stretching the X-axis. When you are done, simply export the 3D model as .obj file.

Now import your 3D model into Photoshop and use those Photoshop skills to create something!

Final step is to admire your hard work!