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Harold Chizick

NEW YEAR, NEW DIGITAL STRATEGIES by Harold Chizick on January 28th, 2020

The end of 2019 was filled with holiday pitching, strategizing and planning for a new year with new opportunities. The start of the year, outside of being Toy Fair Season, means it’s time to leap from our planning phase to execution phase, and deliver the results for our clients. 

ChizComm has always gone where the customer is, so for any major event if a client or potential client asks if we’re attending, the answer is yes. This year marked the 5th time that ChizComm has attended Hong Kong Toy Fair and also recently returned from UK Toy Fair, where we just announced a new strategic partnership with UK-based agency Norton PR. This week, we’re off to Nuremberg! We have been working to strategically build how ChizComm can penetrate the European market and offer more to clients on a global scale, not only from a PR standpoint but from a digital, social and paid media perspective as well. 

At Toy Fair, the industry is buzzing about the year ahead, and this year there is a special focus on digital media, digital strategies and the do’s and don’ts of the digital landscape, specifically surrounding COPPA and YouTube. How do I protect my company while still reaching my audience?

Impacting two main groups of people, content creators and advertisers, COPPA protects children, and as an industry we want to abide by these important regulations. All content creators that have a significant amount of children consuming their content need to be aware, particularly when it comes to collecting personal information. Creators who serve a variety of audiences should implement an ‘age gate’, meaning children under 13 would be directed to a ‘kids safe’ space – a place where you’re not collecting personal data. 

Similarly, advertisers are required to have a ‘zero data’ approach to kids advertising, meaning you cannot leverage any sort of personal information to reach your target audience if they’re under the age of 13. Remarketing and retargeting is a big concern under COPPA, and should be avoided at all times. 

We still fully believe in the powers of YouTube as it’s still number one for kids. Working with experienced and trusted partners as a guide through these muddy waters, and creating a separate kids content strategy where all messaging, CTAs and links are kid-friendly (COPPA-compliant) and don’t push direct sales, is a safe place to start to protect your company.

The industry should also start looking for more COPPA-compliant platforms (sites, apps, OTT platforms) to add to their marketing mix and content strategies. Consumers are spread across multiple apps, sites and social medians, and your brand needs to be everywhere to increase awareness. As we move more into the digital age, we will be carving out a larger portion of the budget to run across different OTT/VOD platforms outside of YouTube, as well as exploring other digital paid and organic options on emerging platforms. 

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