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Should you offer your employees summer hours?

Kassandra O'Brien

Should you offer your employees summer hours? by Kassandra O'Brien on June 3rd, 2019

An increasing number of companies are now offering their employees flexible ‘summer hours’. A number of you might be thinking ‘what are summer hours?’ and ‘are we not paying our employees to work until 5?’

The Benefits of offering your employees summer hours are endless. Firstly, the North American lifestyle is a lot of hustle and bustle and very little downtime. Our constant need to be doing something (and during the day, this means work) leaves us feeling restless, overworked and downright exhausted.

Allowing employees to work flexible summer hours enhances work-life balance, which in turn, enhances the quality of work. I repeat, the QUALITY of work. Working an 8 or 9-hour day doesn’t necessarily equal quality but simply quantity. In fact, employee productivity sharply decreases when employees are required to work over 50 hours a week*. And I think we can all agree, that at some point during our lives, we have been sitting at a job and its nearing 3 PM on a Friday and we are merely staring blankly at our computer screens waiting for the big hand to strike 5.

Implementing summer hours also boosts employee morale and employee retention. When people are happy in their jobs and feel genuinely valued, they produce better quality work. When people do not feel, as though they have agreed to slave labour, they actually want to stay at their jobs, imagine that. Allowing this type of flexibility in the workplace also improves mental health, heart health, close relationships. The benefit to large companies could potentially be, a decreased healthcare cost due to fewer illnesses (both physical and mental).

Now, summer hours can be implemented in various ways. Some companies decide to give every Friday off or every other Friday off entirely while others prefer to cut the day around lunch time and send employees home early to actually enjoy some sunshine!

The only question is, when will you start summer hours?

PS- ChizComm finished at 1pm EST every Friday in the summer 😉