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Social Media Writer’s Toolbox

Maxim Rakov

Social Media Writer’s Toolbox by Maxim Rakov on January 30th, 2019

Social Media reinvented the rules of storytelling. As a writer, you have to be able to make your story short, simple, and engaging consistently. And when it comes to brand storytelling, the rule of “short”, “simple”, and “engaging” applies to every piece of content you create, which sometimes can be hard in a long-term perspective. These tools and applications can help you with writing for social media.

Grammarly – Quite accurate online proofreading tool that can also be installed to your computer. Not the most affordable solution, but worth paying for, especially compared to any other existing tools. I personally love Grammarly for explaining every suggested correction. You can always find free alternatives:  polishmywriting.com or afterthedeadline.com

Wordy –Upload your content and it will be edited by a professional editor, who has experience in your subject.

Hemingway App An awesome tool to eliminate unnecessary words and simplify your sentences. It is probably one of the most popular tools used by the writers.

Writefull  When you are not sure about the accuracy of your text, Writefull will offer you a variety of alternatives by checking your text against databases of correct language.

Power Thesarus –A tool that helps you to find synonyms to any word. Many people know about this tool, but it would be completely unfair not to mention it in this article.

Help.plagtracker.com – Allows you to test your content to make sure it is original and free of plagiarism.

WriteRack – When you can’t stop yourself from creating tweetstorms, this is probably the most convenient free tool to use.  Does anyone still tweetstorm?

Keywordeverywhere You can download this as an extension to your Google browser, and you will have information about search volume, cost per click, and competitive data for each keyword you search. Apart from its direct purposes, this tool can help you come up with more relevant hashtags.

Righttag – Another champion in hashtag suggestions when you run out of ideas.

Captiona – Can help you generate captions for Instagram posts. All you need is to suggest a few keywords and Captiona will offer you a list of smart options. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if AI is good enough to help you with creative writing.

If you consider writing for online blogs and social media, check out The Right Margin as it may help you structure your text, plan your narrative and achieve your writing goals.

And, last but not least, Google URL shortener that can be your best friend when you need to post a URL link, but the one you have is too long to share.

Good luck with your writing!