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The art of punctuality


The art of punctuality by ChizComm on June 26th, 2019

Punctuality is a skill that anyone can master! It might take some extra special effort to develop at first but soon it can become a habit that you are proud of! It doesn’t take any special talents or abilities and it’s such an important trait to develop in life. As the saying goes “if you make it just in time, you’re late.” Being somewhere a little ahead of time keeps you ahead!


Here are 3 simple tips:


1) Prepare ahead of time. This includes realistically figuring out how long things will really take.


2) Stay organized. Looking for necessary/important things last minute will definitely throw you off track.


3) Give yourself a buffer by planning to arrive early. If you get stuck in traffic or any other unforeseen delay, you can rest assured you’re not both stressed out AND late.


It’s not always easy to do. If you fail at first, write down why and look for patterns. You may find that being on time will actually start to improve your life and probably the lives of others around you. Not only is it a sign of professionalism, but it shows a level of trust and dependability.