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THE POWER OF DQ by Nicole Nieweglowski on September 4th, 2019

And I am not talking about Dairy Queen.

Being a leader takes a combination of attributes that every has heard of before, such as intellectual and emotional intelligence. To give a refresher, IQ (intelligence quotient) refers to a person’s cognitive and intellectual abilities compared to the average population of the same age. EQ (emotional quotient) on the other hand, is the ability we have to use, communicate, remember, recognize, manage, and learn from our human relationships. Essentially, it is the social capital we build with our connections.

However, there is one part missing from this equation that is not frequently talked about, and that is DQ. DQ (decency quotient) refers to the empathy one has for coworkers and employees, but also a deep, genuine care for them to be happy and succeed as well. With DQ added in the mix, it means ensuring those around you feel respected and a valued team member.

While leaders can still be successful with only IQ & EQ, the business will not thrive and be in a position of longevity where all members work towards its success without DQ. So, how do you add DQ into the core of the workplace and workforce? It comes back to the key values and mission of the business itself. Once this happens, you will see the ROI of a happier, more content workforce, and a stronger, smarter team.

DQ can become can the model for how people who are very different come together to work with common purpose, because they care about finding the answer in order to better themselves and the business.