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Tips for Making the Most of your PR Outreach this Holiday Season

Kristen Scollard

Tips for Making the Most of your PR Outreach this Holiday Season by Kristen Scollard on October 23rd, 2019

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

With the holidays just around the corner, as PR and marketing professionals, we are in the midst of our holiday outreach and marketing campaigns. Here are a few tips to make the most of your PR outreach this holiday season to ensure the best results are achieved.

Take Advantage of Holiday Themes

Whether you come up with a memorable holiday pitch or create fun and engaging holiday press kits, building brand associations with traditional holiday themes is key for PR outreach.

Utilize your Network

As PR and marketing professionals, we are constantly building our media lists and connecting with a variety of people at media events – utilizing this growing network will help hugely when it comes to securing holiday content.

Implement Fun Holiday Hashtags on Social

When creating content into social calendars, utilizing fun, popular, holiday-themed hashtags will increase engagement and brand awareness for your content. Many people will reach out on social media to inquire about purchases and start conversations, therefore it’s a great opportunity for brands to utilize social platforms to their benefit.

Ensure You’re Targeting your Audience

It’s important to not only personalize pitches, but also ensure we’re targeting the right audience. Depending on the product being pitched, our audience can expand and vary – therefore, staying on top of who the direct target audience is will play a key role in securing the best results.

Use Visuals

When crafting the perfect pitch, it’s key to include appealing images to ensure your email gains more traction and increases your chances for a response. Visuals can speak a thousand words and will grab the reader’s attention.


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