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Using a Mood Board to Aid Your Pitch

Cicilia Thamrin

Using a Mood Board to Aid Your Pitch by Cicilia Thamrin on July 5th, 2019

A mood board is a compilation of images, color schemes, typography, and other objects that helps create a cohesive direction for the project or brand throughout the execution process.

Why should you create a mood board?

When pitching an idea for a new project, there’s a big chance of a disconnect between what we have visualized in our mind and what the client has envisioned. Words are often not enough to project an idea and creating a mood board is a valuable way to convey your ideas visually in a clear manner so there’s less confusion.

Some tips when creating your mood board are:

  1. Define your target

What is your target demographic? With this in mind, find images that will capture their interest and attention.

  1. Balance and consistency

Too few visuals are not enough information while too many can be confusing. Eliminate the images that are not conveying your idea.

  1. Feedback

Now that you are finished, ask for feedback. Discuss with your team or the client what’s working and what isn’t.

Following these three simple steps will make sure your mood board helps you to stay aligned with the intended vision.