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Viva Las CES

Jonathan Siemens

Viva Las CES by Jonathan Siemens on January 14th, 2020

Hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe flock to Las Vegas, Nevada every January and it has nothing to do with Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Penn and Teller or any of the other 100’s of entertainment options the city provides. Instead, everyone heads to the desert for CES (formerly Consumer Electronics Show), for one of the world’s biggest trade shows showcasing products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry.

Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention center, with larger brands holding court offsite, CES 2019 drew over 170,000 people from all over the world. It’s clear that the conference takes over the Las Vegas strip as you can’t go two steps without seeing that familiar green lanyard. Make sure to keep a close eye on those lanyards because you never know you’ll be talking to, walking by or in some cases, bumping into (literally).

CES brings out the latest and greatest in tech alongside some of the weird and interesting. Some of the highlights include Hyundai partnered with Uber to introduce a flying taxi concept, Director James Cameron worked with Mercedes to design the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR and that’s not even the weird stuff!  CES 2020 saw the introduction of an Arnold Schwarzenegger robot, a robotic car cushion – complete with tail, and a gigantic robotic shark!


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Courtesy of CES ShowStoppers


AtGames and CES ShowStoppers

ShowStoppers is a media-only event hosted on the evening of the first day of CES and allows a more intimate setting for brands to meet with influential media and showcase their latest offerings. There was no better place for AtGames to introduce the world’s first Connected Arcade, the Legends Ultimate.

Running from 6 pm-10 pm on January 7th,2020, ShowStoppers was held in the Lafite Ballroom in the gorgeous Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and featured a wide variety of brands and products ranging from traditional pinball machines, wireless charging devices, adult toys, plumbing solutions and of course, arcades. The benefit of attending an event like ShowStoppers with your clients is that you get one-on-one time with media and they get to be hands-on with the product. The main CES show floor is multiple days full of bustling activity, but you are mixing with media, influencers, exhibitors, general public whereas ShowStoppers is limited to media only. Having access to the over 2000 media members from all over the globe representing outlets like Forbes, CNET, Shacknews and many more, allows you to tell your story to those that are most likely to tell it and to share.

If you are in the tech industry or represent a client who is, I highly recommend considering not only CES, but ShowStoppers. These two events run in tandem and offer excellent opportunities to showcase your product to relevant media and garner international exposure. If you’d like to learn more about either one of these events, ChizComm has members of our team who would be happy to walk you through all your questions and make the best recommendations based on your needs. To get you started I’ll leave you with some tips and tricks below.


Tips and Tricks of CES

Already planning for CES 2021? Below are a few tips and tricks to help you succeed at CES and ShowStoppers.

1.  Bring lip gloss – the desert is dry and you’ll be talking a lot.

2.  Drink plenty of fluids – stay hydrated and make sure you keep your energy up

3.  Bring ALL your business cards – you never know who you may run into at CES and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to connect because you ran out of cards. If you were planning on bringing 500, bring 1000 (I’m not kidding).

4.  Practice, Practice, Practice – as well as you may know your product(s) the game changes when the bright lights of a camera are shining down on you and a microphone is in your face. This is where practice kicks in – it should be second nature to talk about and explain the product. You should have your 15-second elevator pitched prepared as well as your full pitch. You may only have 15 seconds to pull someone in, so you need to deliver as much information as possible while still leaving them wanting more. Practice in front of a mirror, practice pitching it to a friend and see what they repeat back to you, are those the key takeaways you wanted to leave them?

5.  Media Kits – build out your media kit so it’s ready to share upon request. Be sure to include fact sheets, hi-res images, relevant press releases and anything else that you’d like the media to have.

6.  Be ready to share! – one useful trick to sharing your media kit is to create a QR code and have it on display, on your literature, on your business cards, etc. This way when the Journalist is working on a tight deadline, they have access to all relevant issues and they aren’t scrambling for hi-res images at the 11th hour.

7.  Secrets are ok – during CES there will be a lot of internal conversations and behind closed doors discussions but remember that is where it should stay – behind closed doors! Media are savvy and want to get a scoop from you, so they will ask plenty of questions to pull the information out of you, but remember to stay strong, and if all else fails, you can always use “No Comment”.

8.  Smile and have fun! – it’s time for your client’s product to shine and you’re guiding that spotlight! Smile, have fun, be personable and don’t be afraid to make real connections with the media – these relationships are mutually beneficial and the cornerstone of good PR.