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Why CSR Matters

Daman Grewal

Why CSR Matters by Daman Grewal on August 2nd, 2019


Many brands shy away from taking a stance on significant social, economic and cultural issues because they don’t want to risk isolating any potential or current consumers. 


However Gen Z is a consumer group who strongly value social responsibilities. With social media making everything much more transparent, Gen Z consumers are able to pay attention, judge and utilize social media to share everything your company does right or wrong- and they do.


From removing plastic straws to introducing sustainable clothing in fast fashion, the issues Gen Z has been outspoken about have resulted in major changes within company norms as well as social norms. Generation Z has a high level of social awareness, they’re transparent about where they stand on environmental, political and social issues and support brands who are too! 


Engaging in thoughtful and intentional CSR can not only bolster a company’s image but develop customer loyalty with Gen Z; as they enter their key spending years.


Image is courtesy of dreamtime.com